Experienced Life
2018-09-20 09:18:27 (UTC)

I'm not doing great this morning

So, I woke up this morning. I know what my ego does with this morning idle time. I know what to do. I do sit-ups and bicycle crunches. So, check. That was good. Get ready for work and right off the bat, we are in a meeting discussing technical IT stuff so again, that too is good. Now I'm working on my portion of the project we just discussed and I am not doing so good.

I feel the heartache even though I know the ex gf wasn't all that. I know I'm strong willed to do better. Yet, here I am working but in the back of my head, the heavy heart is pulling me down. Sigh.... I have to work. It is pretty busy and we have a pretty high profile project to turn up on Sunday night. Yet,here I am feeling down.