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2018-09-20 05:39:40 (UTC)

Attended a new meetup

I belong to some meetup groups. One is for hiking, one is for wine tasting, but I only attend one primary one now and the other mainly for the camping events. Anyway, I joined a new one and last night was the first one I attended. The meetup group was called "Personal Development Group". So I figured "hey, fits the bill for me". So I joined and last night was the first meeting. I figured what can I lose and maybe I'll gain something to improve myself?

Well, when I drove in, I found out it was a Church of sorts! Dianetics! But dang it, I already drove there. I was still tempted to turn around but I remember that I am now a changed person and I should have an open mind. So I went in. They discussed for an hour and fifteen minutes about this thing called an Emotional Tree Scale. Ok, I'm cool with that. Some of the things to me were common sense but it was somewhat interesting.

Anyway, after an hr and a half, there were some counselors that came in and took each person individually to have a one-on-one conference.
I got to watch a video while I waited for my turn. Another person was sort of waiting too. He only went there to escort his 20 year old daughter so he wasn't looking for anything.

He and I talked. He was the other person's Dad. We chatted and just decided to turn off the stupid video. It was about how to study in school which has nothing to do with my issue at hand. I ended up helping him or at least gave him tips on his daughter's issue. She apparently has a hard time getting friends. Not boyfriends. She isn't in to that. She is in college and just wants regular friends. I personally have hundreds of friends from all this hobbies or meetup groups. So I suggested things that I do.

I suggested she join a meetup group that she likes. There are groups for ever hobby you can think of. From a skateboard group, chihuahua group, knitting group, kayaking group, etc, etc, etc. I told him I belong to some like a wine tasting group, kayaking group, hiking group, and my one primary group which I'm a co organizer of. That one, we go camping, motorcycle race shows, clubbing, comedy clubs, and you name it, we've done it.

I told him his daughter should join that or just pick up a hobby that she likes. Friendship though hobbies is inevitable. I told him I just started one just last week. I'm learning the ukulele. I watch you tube tutorials and I'm also going to take lessons from a Guitar store that offers uke classes. I"m excited and once I"m ok with it, I can take it with me when I kayak or when we go camping.

I'm personally thinking it will help create more friends for me, improve myself and help build my confidence and keeps my mind from the crappy mood of breakup. I figure the more I do this, the less pain, anxiety, heartache or whatever negative feelings are in a breakup until eventually, I'm happy just being by myself :) Anyway, I'm starting to drift aren't I?

So I look at the time, it's now 9:05. I thought to myself "screw this" by the time the other peeps are out, it'll be another 45 minutes for me at best. That means I won't be outta there till 10PM. Nope, not gonna do that. I told the person I was talking I was leaving due to the time. He thanked me for all the tips and he will look at several things. So I helped him with his Daugther's diet. Only because of what the gym taught me. I also told him about the gym which he wrote down and there is one that is near his neighborhood. Then I told him about the meetup groups and he wrote down that too. So I ended up helping his daughter somewhat. Felt pretty good being able to help someone. I got to learn about the Dianetics Emotional Tone Scale. haha.

I knew it was too late to cook my Home Chef meals so I just stopped by the market on the way home. It was late and I could tell walking in that there were some homeless people just hanging out. A little nervous because There were 4 of them at least. They weren't old. They were in their late 20s or early 30s. One woman and the rest were men. I'm only 5'6" so they easily could've kicked my ass and mugged me. But they didn't do anything and I walked into the supermarket.

Grabbed some ready to eat dinner. Not the healthiest but my weight has been pretty good working out 24 days in a row now. Leaving the gym nowadays I don't even feel like I worked out hard because I'm so used to it now. Drifting again huh? Ok, so I'm in the supermarket getting food. I thought about the homeless dudes and one lady. I started to feel bad because I was assuming just because they were homeless, they were going to be maybe mugging me. There I was, guilty of profiling. I felt bad. They did nothing to be but just be homeless. So, I bought this already packed tray of donuts too.

I went to pay and the cashier said to me, "Oh, late night dessert with friends?" I told him the truth. I told him it was for the people outside that looks homeless. He said that was nice of me. On the way out, I saw the homeless people were still there just hanging out. No tents out there or anything. I rolled my shopping cart a little pass them before I stopped. I grabbed the tray or box of donuts and walked up to them asking if they'd be interested eating the donuts. The lady said sure and I handed it over to her. I told her to share it which she did with the other guys. They went over and started to have some. One guy was around 30 feet away and he started walking over to get one too. So they all knew each other and they did all share the donuts. That was my little good deed I guess and it didn't cost me much. They thanked me and I went on my merry way.

I forgot if I mentioned that I have two numbers for contacting me. One is a text only number and the other a voice only number. Don't ask why, my corporate plan has limited texts so I have a texture app that uses data plan to send texts. Funny enough I have unlimited data but limited texts. I blocked my ex wife form being able to use it. My ex gf don't call or text so I don't need to block her. My ex wife for sure isn't on my fb friend list nor will she ever be. My ex gf I'm not sure if I should unfriend. According to the youtube counselors, it may show a sign of weakness but it's my call. So I just unfollowed her instead. I think that should take care of that. No more negative distractions, yet I can still achieve my personal goal of improving myself by building my confidence again. That's the plan anyway.

Today is Thursday. I believe my hottie friend told me she goes to a certain Starbucks every Tues and Thurs and if I wanted to come by, I can and we can catch up. Not sure if I want to. I mean she is really beautiful and it never hurts to have eye candy near you but I don't know if I want that right this moment. I want to do things for me. I may or may not go. Not really seeing this as improving myself to be a better person but we shall see. I know I should keep idle time to a minimum if I can. That's when negative thoughts come into play.

That's what the relationship coaches say anyway. The most common times that makes you think about your ex is when you are just waking up, going to bed, or during the day when it's idle. So in the morning, one of the first things I do is to do some setups and bicycle crunches. At night before bed, I try to read a book. It seems to be working out ok :)

That's all I got for now diary. I have to make coffee then get ready for work.