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2018-09-19 08:58:07 (UTC)

Got response from ex for thanking her on giving my Mexico money back

Got a reply from my email I sent my ex gf regarding returning my Money for the now defunct Mexico trip.
Here is my email. I blipped out her nickname and my nickname she used to call me.
Hello xxxxxxx,

Just wanted to thank you again for sending me the Mexico money and Brian's money too. It gave me the funds to go to Manhattan now. I'm getting my shit together and part of it is enhancing my inner circles. One of which is my family. So, I am going on this Manhattan trip with my Sister and my adult nephew and his wife that I haven't since for ages now.

Looking back, I have you to thank for lighting a match under my ass and showing me the benefits of going to real vacations. I look forward to getting out there in the world and seeing new and fun things. Also, to enhance my inner circles of life. So again, thank you for opening and showing me new doors in life. I'm liking it. I still miss talking to you though. Take care.

Your very appreciative,

--------Her reply-----------

You're welcome (My real name used). But it IS your money... I was just the short-term bank! I hope you have a great time reconnecting with your sister and her family.



So did this help or hurt me? I don't know. Seemed cold. She just texted me on Sept 15th with my nickname. Now it's my real name and her reply with just her first initial? Seems very distant to me. Does it bug me? Yeah, I guess so. Why so cold? Should I be bugged? NO, I'm being stupid again letting my Ego take over filling me with negative thoughts. Lesson learned. NO MORE initiating emails, texts, or phone calls to her. Dumbass moment for me.

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