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2018-09-18 05:27:42 (UTC)

Woke up early today

Woke up early this morning. Made coffee and washed the dishes to make sure I come home to a clean sink when I get home. I make my bed everyday now. I know that sounds like a normal part of life but I don't really fix my bed daily until recently. It's nice coming home to no dishes in the sink and a bed already fixed. I guess I'm just trying to change my life in every little way I can now.

I got a text from a reader of my diary. I don't know why anyone would actually care to read my pathetic life and my goings on but oh well. They did not particularly like the way I posted about my date today. Although it's my diary and I can write anything I want in it, I have to agree that it was wrong. It's out there already so I won't remove it but if I"m wrong, then I will take a look at what I did and admit it. Then I live and learn and move on.

I think I know why I said that though. I pretty much know that my breakup messed me up. I'm obviously not in my happy place and I'm still healing. My mind is not in the right place although I'm fighting every day to get better and to be even better than I was before. It's just like everything I do. It takes some time and effort and I'll be ok. Hopefully better than ok.

Anyway, what's done is done. Trying to stay positive. Trying to build my confidence again. Just trying.....That's all I can do.
BTW, my freaking finger tips still hurt from all that ukulele practicing last night. ouch :)