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2018-09-17 05:50:34 (UTC)

M 1st POF date

Tomorrow after work, I will be going on my first POF (Plenty of Fish) date. We have the time and place setup. We've texted each other on the site and it's been nice so far. She doesn't seem phycho. Anyway, she gave me her phone number this morning asking me to call or text her if I can't make it. Wow! Progress :) So I thought it'd be ok to give her mine. I mean if she's nuts, I can just block her anyway. haha. She does seem nice and pretty cute. Not sure if she's overweight or not. Her profile pic doesn't show enough to tell but she does have a pretty enough face. Even for a shallow guy like me. I'm sure she'll have more boob and butt than my ex gf though. haha. I know, sour grapes but that part is true.

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