Life in General
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2001-10-10 23:29:40 (UTC)

Rather boring

Well, nothing interesting is happening in Hollywood lately,
besides the J. Lo marriage. I did get a chance to see
Serendipity. Very romantic. For anyone is search of a man,
I wouldn't go see that movie.

Love the new Michael Jackson song. The old Michael has
returned and I am happy. Nice to know that he isn't angry
and bitter about the child molestation drama. I will
definitely buy the album when it comes out.

I am so happy that Amanda Marshall(Canadian artist) and
Alana Davis are coming out with new albums. I love them.
Their music is great.

Saw Ricky Martin on Jay Leno. Some say he is gay, I say he
is fine and that is all that matters. Tight ass!

Ms. GossipGoddess