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2018-09-16 21:30:14 (UTC)

New Hobby

I started a new hobby today. Well, I started a couple of days now. I bought a ukulele. I will be taking lessons too. For now, I found a good teacher on Youtube. She is great and I'm practicing what she is teaching. It's fun but not too easy. Pressing on the strings requires some skill and strength. Fingers kind of hurt but I'm loving it. i will get better. I just need to keep at it and I'll have some skills in no time :)

I posted my lame first practice on FB. In a year, I will look back and tell myself.." I did it! I've learned how to play" . Till then, all I got is playing scales up and down. Learned how to play Happy Birthday. Fingers hurt now :)

I'm feeling better after yesterday's setback. Still not as good as before but it was our almost-anniversary. I didn't set my head in the right frame of mind beforehand so that's my stupid fault. I'll be ready when the next shit happens. What's coming that may mess me up? , Thanksgiving, then my birthday in Dec, Christmas, New Years, Valentine, then her birthday is coming up in March too. We had memories from all of those events. Fuck me. But I'm a fighter so I will do what I need to do I'm sure.