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2018-09-16 18:24:58 (UTC)

Broke As Fuck

Dear journal.

Well, I'm officially broke as fuck. I need a job and ASAP. I can't look for a job and be lazy at the same time.

I mean as much as I love helping my mom out I'm never gonna be able to have money for myself... You know. Its impossible. But I guess it's not all to bad. This wouldn't happen if, I had a job right about now but people act like they won't hire me.

I'd always get nervous at interviews and that's what's screwing me over of not getting a job.

I had an Interview at McDonald's and still no call back but hey FUCK them too. Fuck the manager as well. I'm just gonna focus on school for now and that's what I've been doing

I wouldn't know what it's like to have a part time job and go to school since all my classes are in the evening except for one and that's on a Friday morning from 8:00-10:30 AM ( the one I was suppose to attend last Friday but wasn't feeling well).

I wanted to go so bad even if, I had a slight fever. I would be okay. But I said fuck it. It wouldn't hurt to miss one day.

I'd recently gave my last $10 to my mother ( who knows what she will do with it ). All I ask is to have some money in my pocket and without people constantly asking for MY money ( I know I've mentioned this before but oh well). But that's never going to happen... Not in a million years it won't and besides I need a job to do that. I have no problem helping my mom out because she's my mom. I'm not just gonna say no. No matter how badly I want to.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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