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2018-09-16 11:42:16 (UTC)

Pub Quiz

I am a big quizzer. I mean, I don't go out regularly quizzing. I would love to but I don't know many people who are that into it. I love watching quiz shows on the TV though. Pointless, The Chase etc. I'm not very smart generally speaking. I'm quite ditsy and stupid. I do have good knowledge on certain topics though, which is what quizzing is really. Everybody excels in certain areas. I suppose my areas are sport, music, TV & Film. Stuff like that. I'm good with dates, films, albums etc. I had to convince my friend two days ago that Antonio Valencia signed for Manchester United in 2009. It took him so long to believe me but he eventually agreed.

My dad runs a pub quiz every Sunday. He has done for as long as I can remember, I've been a few times. It's a good laugh. I think he gets free drinks for arranging it too and he makes a fair bit of money for organising it. He often gets me a few pints. It's a good time but some people can be really toxic and volatile. There are these two guys in particular who attend every week. They are actually friends with Mark Labbett who is "The Beast" in The Chase. If you're not familiar with The Chase, it's a quiz show in the UK that is hosted by Bradley Walsh. It's really entertaining. The Beast himself has actually attended the quiz a number of times and my dad has had pictures taken with him etc. He's a very down to earth guy. Incredibly smart.

His two friends are good too, they always win. They are dicks though. They once got in my fathers face because they had a question wrong. My Dad does something called a "picture round" where instead of just answering the question, you will identify somebody famous or a logo. Like an Audi logo for example. These two guys put "Puma" as their answer when the logo was infact, Slazenger. In fairness, they look very similar, but it was wrong. One of them was adamant they were correct and decided to "take on" my dad, so to speak. Got up, got right in his face and started shouting. It was embarrassing, the guy is like 50 plus. My Dad was just smiling and laughing, as he does. I then decided to get up and sort it out myself. I'm not very close with my dad but I'm not going to let somebody take the piss, berate him or try and embarrass him. Funnily enough, I had a polo shirt on which was Slazenger. I had to show him that it was Slazenger and not Puma and he just started muttering and went back to his seat. I think he said something along the lines of "Oh, getting your boy to help you, are you?". I don't really know what he meant by that. That my dad couldn't defend himself? I don't know. He's a complete dickhead. At the end of the quiz, you will mark each other's papers. Similar to primary school, when you would mark each others spelling tests and things like that. My dad had bigged these guys up SO much to me. "Oh yeah, they're the best Edd. They always win. They're so good". We sat quite close to them and eventually took their sheet after the quiz ended. The final question of the quiz was to name all of the "Star Wars" films in chronological order. That's easy. You can ask me anything Star Wars related and I'm probably going to get it. Planets, styles of fighting, anything. I'm a complete nerd when it comes to Star Wars. Anyway! These guys put down the fucking Star Trek films. I was crying with laughter. I didn't even try to hide it. I wanted to get them mad. I couldn't fathom how they were answering the hardest of questions and getting something like that so wrong.

So yeah, I went for a drink with one of my friends and his girlfriend a few nights ago and they asked if I fancied going down my dad's quiz. I usually just prefer to chill and have a quiet Sunday but I've really enjoyed having a social life again and I want to keep this going, so I've agreed. We've got about 5 of us going tonight which isn't too bad. I'm looking forward to it. I just want to limit my drinking because I got really drunk on the Friday and I don't want to fall back into that pattern where it's almost every night. I don't know what to expect tonight but I think my dad mentioned something about the picture round being on "Friends" characters, so that should be a breeze. My knowledge on Friends is pretty good. Episodes, guest appearances etc. We should nail that. I'd be happy if we finished in the top 5.