Do Not Disturb

2018-09-16 02:52:35 (UTC)


Dear journal,

Their' s this guy that I'm currently Facebook friends with and he always messages me/ calls me. Just because I watch your story doesn't mean you need to call me like I don't know you. So, I blocked him it was getting annoying. I'm not interested. The only reason why I sent him a friend request because he went to my school. I dont actually know the guy.

That's the same thing I do to other people on Facebook. Their not my actual " friends".. I never even talked to them while they never talked to me. They would always give me dirty looks... Most of them. This one girl who I'm friends with on Facebook turned out to be gay. I was shocked.

But you live and you learn.

Still haven't told Q my " boyfriend" about Danny and haven't told Danny about Q I tried being friends with him ( Q ) but he still thinks we're together and I feel like we have ZERO chemistry. Now you know what I mean when I suggest that it's better for me to stay single.

I'm feeling better now just a stuffy nose. Thanks for asking.

I've written every day for this month. ( except for the 4th).

Danny asked to see my body so he can picture me naked. But get this I told him I'm uncomfortable with sending nudes and he told me he didn't ask for nudes. So, isn't that basically the same thing. I'm starting to think he's just another random fuckboy. Maybe theirs more to him than, I think. Overall, not so bad of a guy.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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