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2018-09-14 19:23:53 (UTC)

Emailed my Ex GF

Well, I booked my trip to Manhattan. So I couldn't wait any longer and had to email my ex gf for my Mexico money she was holding for me and to return it back. I didn't want to but I had to email her. She finally responded with her excuse of procrastinating. Fuck that shit. It was near 1500 bucks. Anyway, I have it and I have fun money for Manhattan now

We did text a little. Small stuff. I'm taking up the ukulele instrument and told her I"m going to be taking lessons. Also, I'm at a somewhat crossfit and boxing type gym and almost regret selling my boxing bag and speed bag to her neighbor. She said I could buy a bigger one. I replied with yeah, I could and newer too.

I did tell her since this split, my entire world seemed to have opened up with so many possibilities. I said it because it's true and I am enjoying life now. I told her I wish she was as happy as I was and she said she is good. So, we were civil. Ended it by telling her that I'm going to be cooking my first home delivered food from Home Chef. haha.

I know how to light it up and rub it in her face while I'm being nice at the same time. I actually don't miss her anymore. She isn't so hot to me anymore now that I don't have much feelings in my heart for her anymore. I guess we can be friends maybe but I dunno. Might be easier if we just stayed friendly but distant. I don't need much contact with her anymore. except for one small thing. She is having cat food from Amazon sent to me while I keep her on my unlimited care wash plan. Even exchange and it makes it cheaper for her to have a car wash since she is an addition to my already existing care was plan so she won't have to pay 35 bucks a month. Instead, just 15 a month for the extra car so that's where the case of cat food she sends me makes it a wash. I made sure I again cut her off by saying I got to go and cook my dinner. haha.

I got my mojo back. And I have all this new stuff happening for me. I can sense and tell that she isn't doing so well. She says she is good but I can sense bullshit when I hear it. I know what she's doing. Drinking alcohol. Going to her old friends and neighbors getting drunk in her cul de sac and walking home drunk. I know. She did this before and she's going down that path again.

Meanwhile, I maybe have a shot at that hottie from Lithuania. If not, POF is still happening for me. I got a feeling something good is coming my way. I just know it :)