Do Not Disturb

2018-09-14 19:23:28 (UTC)

Confused Feelings

Dear journal,

I unblocked Danny. I know I'm confusing I know. Me and my " ex" are still sort of talking. I don't know if, we're together. I need to think. I need to sort this out. I like Danny but I also like my " boyfriend" I suppose. I don't wanna hurt neither one of them. I already hurt Danny not gonna make that same mistake again.

Me and Q text more than, me and Danny ever did and that's only because Danny's working and Q's not. He told me he love me and part of me still do. Part of me still don't. I can't keep doing this.

I haven't heard from Danny since the other day so maybe his phone's off. He told me that he was using his sister hotspot.

Then, he also told me he loves me and that was that. I mean who knows how long will I hear from him. Its only been one day. I don't know what to do.

# Please help

Or, not you know it's whatever that pleases you.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One