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2018-09-13 23:31:05 (UTC)

I shed no tear

So, it's late and it's quiet. These can be the worse times for your mind to be wondering around with possible what-if scenarios. Bad shit. Sometimes, your ego makes you drift into negative ways and you can end up hurting yourself. A lot of shit can go on when you have this much idle time. I should be asleep. However, I'm not. I made some adult brownies for my friends. Not really into it but I took a piece tonight. I 1"x1" piece of brownie.

My mind is wandering off. I'm thinking of my after breakup feelings. Not sure if this is good or bad but I did not shed a tear before, during, and after our breakup. Not sure if I should pat myself on the back for being strong and standing tall or if I should be ashamed that I didn't tear up and didn't have or show any emotion. What's worse?

Even now, I thought I'd be missing my ex and wishing she'd maybe ask to get back with me. But I don't. I make the most out of my days and I wonder if I'm ok because I'm a strong minded man or am I now so jaded that I no longer fit in this world? I don't know.

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