Do Not Disturb

2018-09-12 19:44:00 (UTC)

On And Off

Dear journal,

I feel like this is gonna be an on and off relationship. That's why I broke up with him and for real this time. I always have a gut feeling that he only wants me for sex. He's very sexual towards me and I know that every relationship is but its everyday with him and even when we cuddle. We can't even cuddle without him wanting to touch my ass. I know that's normal but some days I just want to cuddle but that I can't even do without him trying to touch my private areas every now and then.

And when I mentioned to him that can we be friends and that I feel like we're moving to fast he agreed with me and then said that we're not breaking up and that we're gonna be together forever and ever when I just want to be friends. Now does that make any sense to you at all.

He never wanted me to be his future wife. I was a baby mama to him. I'm not gonna be anybody's baby mama if anything I'm gonna be their wife in the future.

We don't know each other well enough for me to be his future wife like it's only been 3 months. I just need to enjoy being single right now and for real this time.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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