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2018-09-10 10:11:47 (UTC)

Manhattan trip

Hey, I spoke to my Sister last night. One of the things I have to do to enhance my inner circles. This circle of course is my family. So, after talking to her, I found out she just came back from a trip to Ireland. This coming October, she is going on a trip to Manhattan. I asked if I could go to and she said sure. She has a timeshare so all I need is airfare and spending money. Hell effing yeah!!!!

I was going to wait for my money from my ex gf to come in. Still not in my account so I was not going. However, my work friend told me I should just go anyway. Charge it and have some fun! So... I decided to do just that. I am headed to Manhattan this October. I need to check flights and all that stuff so hopefully I can set this up in time. Sister sent me her itinerary so I will try to match it up so we fly and arrive near the same timeframe. Woohooo!!!!

Int he meantime, I will do as I said I would. I will not text, call, email the ex gf. I almost did to ask for my money but fuck it, I won't. I will eventually get it so I'm good. My friend was right. Not too many opportunities like this to happen so I am going to go out and grab this chance. I'm so excited about this. I feel great :)

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