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2018-09-09 20:21:47 (UTC)

Difference between joy and happiness

So, I learned another thing today. It brings me closer to my self confidence and happiness. Apparently, there is a difference between Joy and Happiness. I didn't know or understand this. Not sure if I still understand it fully. I'll try my best but I'm sure it'll suck. But this is my diary so tough. lol
Anyway, it's said that happiness is hard to keep. If you do something and achieve it, you will be happy. Getting a job promotion is happiness but then you'll be idle and will want another promotion eventually. Nothing wrong with that. It was described that happiness is achievable after you meet a certain goal. However, the next time, you'll have to do bigger and better to get that happiness. So, you are doomed to fail.

On the other hand, Joy is a constant. you feel it without having to achieve something. It's more like a state of mind. Look around at don't take your shit life for granted. You think it may suck because you failed to reach your goal. You may have not achieved something else like a relationship or family. etc, etc. I now understand somewhat that Joy is a constant. I got up to go to the gym today. Before I went there, I prepped my drink with some powder with BCAAS. I drank my preworkout formula before I left the house. Not sure which vehicle to take, car, suv, or bike, I was short on time so I grabbed my car. Loaded my drinks, changed into my workout clothes, ate a quick snack, closed the garage door and off I went.

This is when it hit me and I smiled. All that shit that I just mentioned, I just took for granted. What an ignorant fuck I am. I woke up today in bed. A nice bed in a 3 bedroom home which I pay for and is nice and clean. I got up to make my drink and I could because I paid for the water. I bought my workout powder concoctions, and got water from the fridge which I own. I opened the garage door and see my suv and Acura outside waiting for me. I walk past my motorcycle in my garage and the kayak trailer with a Hobie kayak on it and went to my car. Before that, there is a stray cat that I've been feeding for a couple of years now. Funny story on that cat but that's for later. So, before I go, I opened up a can of cat food which I bought and gave it to her. Got in my car, mounted my smart phone, close the garage door and drove to my expensive gym that I already paid for till Aug 2019.

On the way to the gym, I noticed I had 1/2 a tank left so I just went ahead and stopped at a gas station and filled it up. Got to the gym, grabbed my gloves and gym towel and went in and signed up.

All that shit and I took it for granted. What an asshole I am to not realize this. Now I do. Now my joy is constant. I have a great freaking life. How stupid of me to be sulking about a measly breakup with my ex that I don't see the big picture.

So here it is from an assholes enlighten perspective. I woke up a little sad, but in my own bedroom in my own bed that I bought and in a room that I paid rent for. Grabbed some empty water bottles and filled it with water from a fridge that I bought, added BCAAs and Glutomine that I again bought. Had some coffee from my coffee machine that I own. It was cold so I microwaved it using the microwave that I have an the electricity that I paid for. Opened the garage door walking out to one of two vehicles that I own having to look at the key to see which car keys I grabbed. Again, a humbling feeling. went to the gym and signed up and they let me in only because I paid a grand for a year's worth of access.

After the gym was done, I got a text from a friend asking me how I am since the breakup. After the gym, I went to the store to get a belt because I only have one that fits. The others are now way too long so I bought one and some dress shirts since I only have a few now that I lost weight. Again, assholish of me not to see things.

Now I see I have a great life. I do not go hungry and even though I'm not rich, I do way more than most peeps in America I bet. All these examples are to just confirm that joy and not happiness is the key. Joy is a constant. You don't have to get promoted, you on't have to hit goals higher and higher. It's a state of mind. A constant joy in you that you want to achieve.

I'm learning and I'm growing. I will overcome my breakup with my ex. I will get better. I will become even a better person than I was before. I am humbled and I can smile even through all of this. I am starting to really get it now :)

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