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2018-09-09 13:29:15 (UTC)

Gym today

My gym is closed on Sundays but they have other gyms not far that are open. I wanted to keep my attendance streak alive. I'm now at 14 days in a row. Anyway, there is this gym member that used to go to the gym I go to. She was one of two superstars. My one gym friend is superstar number 1. This person is superstar #2. They both kicked butt!! I remember them when I started a little over a year ago that they would run circles around everyone.

So I guess it's been about 8-9 months since I've seen her. She saw me and we both recognized each other and hugged each other after class. She says I looked way better than she remembers. I was about 30 lbs heavier last time I saw her. So yeah, another complement that I sucked up like a wet sponge. :)

It's been a good day.