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2018-09-08 14:40:45 (UTC)

More about last night

So this morning, I went to workout and I did fine. Being in that type of environment gets your juices flowing and although I drank too much the night before, I did just fine.

So about last night, I recall some events now. lol. This was a meetup group that I'be been involved with for awhile now. Some of them I didn't see in quite awhile. Anyway, I got complimented separately from four of the ladies last night. One said to be careful that if I get to skinny, the women will weigh more than I do and they won't want to go out with someone lighter than they are. lol. One guy I haven't seen in a bit and almost didn't recognize but he too said I look better. I'm sorry, it sounds exactly like bragging but I freaking like it. I need it to help me keep building my confidence back since my breakup. So yeah, feels good. I'm making and noticing my own progress improve a little bit every day.
I can't wait to see the new me that is around the corner. Maybe in a few months, I'll be better than ever. Or at least in a very happy place.

One small fail for me though. A button came off of one of my pants. Should be easy enough but I can't sew and I don't feel like buying a needle and thread. So, I went down to my favorite seamstress and had her do it for me. She charged me two bucks, still steam pressed it and gave me a hanger. I gave her a 5 and told her to keep the change :) She is an older asian lady running a business and I can more than respect that. Not weaning off of the system.

Not sure what the rest of the day is for me. There is another meetup group that has a art walk festival thing. I almost went but I'm not too hyped on looking at a painting or something built to be art that might look like scrap metal to me. I'll pass on that one.

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