Experienced Life
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2018-09-08 06:02:16 (UTC)

Patch MD first try

I wen to a hotspot last night celebrating a couple of my friend's birthdays. Cool spot. I got to play pinball and I knocked a couple of times. For those of you that don't play pinball, that means you get a free game. When you do get a free game, you hear a loud knock on the pinball machine. That's why instead of saying I got a one game credit, you just say knock.

Anyway, before I went out to party, I put on this patch MD thing. Supposedly, it stops you from getting hangovers. I still feel blah right now. So this was a suggestion from what's her face a few months ago. I shouldn't have listened. It didn't do crap for me. I have a crossfit class scheduled in a little over an hr. Dang it!!!

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