Experienced Life
2018-09-06 09:39:36 (UTC)

Every compliment helps

So at work today, a lady called me while I was walking down the hallway. She just asked why I was dressed up. I said it's just a self improvement thing. She said I looked great! It was nice since I'm going through whatever the hell you call it. I am wearing the same thing I wore when I had dinner last Monday with the ex.

Now I know I looked good. Ex was grungy looking. Ha. Little victories that I'm moving on. Thank goodness this breakup isn't making me just booz my life away or Netflix my life away. Instead, I'm hitting the gym even harder. Today's workout will be the 11th day in a row of attending a crossfit class. I plan on going Friday, Sat, and maybe Sunday too. However, we are supposed to take a one day break a week. Your body needs to heal correctly. Well, I shall see. If that is my biggest concern right now, then I guess I'm doing ok.