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2018-09-05 06:50:41 (UTC)

Still no paypal money

I just checked and still no money in my paypal. I know I shouldn't be thinking this as it's not productive for me but I am wondering if the ex is hesitant because she knows this is probably the final nail to this broken relationship. Well, I hope she makes up her mind soon because I have an American Express card to pay off. Once I do that, I will have zero debt!! Zero!!!! No car payments or anything like that.

Then and only then can I go out and get a loan for a Tacoma!!! My friend is already buying my suv and I will keep the Acura for transportation gas savings purposes. I'm also keeping my motorcycle. Oh yeah, during our small chit chat last Monday, the ex asked if I was still riding my motorcycle and I said heck yeah! :)

I'm wondering why I have not shed a tear at all since our breakup. I haven't really been in much pain since the breakup too. I don't know why. Don't know if I'm too chicken shit to face the reality of what transpired or if I'm actually mature and realize that this breakup is actually better for me in the long run. I'm just glad I'm not laying on the cold floor feeling sorry for myself. Whew! Taking it day by day is all I can do :)

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