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2018-09-05 14:18:01 (UTC)

A Fresh Start

So I had my induction at college yesterday. I was pretty nervous. It got even worse when we were eventually sat down and placed into our groups for the term and then our tutor asked us to "get to know one another". They gave us these buzz cards, prompts and things like that, and we had to go around and ask people questions and stuff. It was mortifying. I couldn't wait for it to end. I did meet a few people though and we had a bit of banter and it made me feel a lot more comfortable and settled. One of the girls caught my eye too but as the day went on, she grew incredibly louder and I didn't really know what to make of her by the end of it. She was very pretty though.

We were given a tour of the college and I was blown away by how big it was. I'm definitely going to get lost once or twice. Luckily for me, all my classes are on the same floor. The place is really impressive and the support they offer you is also very good. They really do care and want to see people succeed. I hope I can do them proud and achieve what I want. I think my plan is to finish the Adult Foundation course and then they want me to study something called "Access" and then they want to send me off to University where I can study Journalism or Creative Writing. I think that is the best plan for me but I'm not overthinking or rushing anything. I just want to take it a day at a time. It's already been a big shock to me. I didn't sleep much before going to the college so by the time I got out, about 2:30pm, I was honestly dead. I then promised my friend that I would meet her for a few drinks, which I did....but I was feeling completely out of it and was on the bus home with her by 10:30pm. I just felt like crap, it hit me hard.

It's going to take time to adjust to everything. I don't have to study on Monday's which is nice but my worst fear was realised and I have to study on a Friday. Luckily It's IT and Tutorial so I think it will be such a breeze and I'll likely enjoy it that the day will go fast, then I'll have to come home and sleep for a few hours before grinding out a night shift. It's going to be rough. My mum has already told me to just pack the job in and focus on my studying but that just seems like a stupid thing to do. I need to have money coming in. Some sense of income. I told her that I would give it a few weeks and see how I cope and if it's too much then I'll have to look at another alternative. We'll see.

Either way, I'm excited to get going.


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