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2018-09-02 04:59:39 (UTC)

No fishing today

Boo!! I was looking to going fishing today. My friend forgot and can't. Found out yesterday. Dang it!! Oh well. Anyway, my gym is closed today but there is another one that is. I'll attend the 9AM class there. I need it to keep the anxiety down. Yup, I do get hit with it from time-to-time. Always when you wake up when it's quiet and when you go to bed. This is when the mind wanders around. Nothing I can't control but I know it's unhealthy for me and I need to fill it with healthier shit. Going to the gym fills my body with what I need and I get results. Way better than eating junk food sitting on the sofa wallowing away. I think the good stuff is called endorphins when you work out? I dunno. I think stress creates cortisone? Whatever. No one needs stress.

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