Do Not Disturb

2018-09-01 22:00:24 (UTC)

Game Day

Dear journal,


What a long day it has been???

My stomachs been feeling... Queezy all day. Sometimes I hate having periods. I'm spending the night at my cousin's you know just to get away from home ( even if its only one day) . I feel like I gotta throw up but I just can't for some reason.

We're still together yes and we're going on 3 months. I can't break up with him. I love him so much. I feel like I should do a whole entry dedicated to him but I feel like I talk about him enough already as it is.

Lol! Sorry about that.

I'm in so much pain right now. Stomach pain. I didn't exactly watch the game. All I know is that we won ( Auburn). So, that's good news to me. I texted him all day.

I tend to eat a lot when I'm on my period. I know I'm not alone. I need to stop though. I already gained so much weight. The last time I weighed myself was 174 pounds and that is not good.

But overall today has been a pretty good day. Not much to say.

Not really talking to Marlin. Danny on the other hand.... I don't know about him anymore.

I love my boyfriend more than, anything. I'm not going to cheat on him nor will I ever. He means the world to me. I'm not going through this again. I just can't. Anyways, that's all I have for now.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One