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2018-09-01 18:01:13 (UTC)

Girlfriend is acting weird

So, it seems like my girlfriend or future ex girlfriend is off of facebook for awhile. I'm guessing that she sees all the fun I've been having realizing that I am not putting her on a pedestal anymore and she may not like it. Not sure really and it's a theory. I feel a little stupid for even wasting my time on this as it does nothing to make my life more productive. But hey, I'm still human and I can't be efficient and do the right thing 100% of the time.

I did text her though. Told her what I did today and asked her what she was doing. I said I hit the gym and then went rollerskating. She said she went to the neighbors and chilled. I know what she's doing. Getting drunk as usual. Her neighbors also happen to be her friends from way back. Over a dozen years I think. They were all close and her ex husband was one of the pack. Anyway, I know that's what she is doing and I see the chinks in her shiny armor now. Lately, I've been recalling when I'd come over with stuff, I'd bring a bottle of liquor because I don't feel right that when I do come, I just take without giving back. Well, one day, I brought over a big bottle of vodka. For me, it'd take a couple of weeks to finish that. Well, I think I came on a Tuesday and by Friday, it was almost all gone. I dunno. Maybe just maybe she has a drinking problem? Fuck!! I drink so I shouldn't talk but she drinks a lot for a skinny person.

Anyway, I drifted from my texts with her. I did ask her that why she doesn't want to talk to me on the phone? I mean, the timeout is over. And all my friends, special friends, and lover has open communication. So no matter where she and I stand, open communication is expected. But no reply. Now that is inconsiderate but she is pissed about something. I'm starting to see the picture.

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