Experienced Life
2018-09-01 17:55:38 (UTC)

Went rollerskating

Man!! I had fun rollerskating. Only one person came to the meetup I set up but it was still fun. I didn't fall at all and now that I'm 40ish pounds lighter, rollerskating was easy. I was loving it. I used to roller-skate a lot in my younger days. Sure brought back fun memories :) Anyway, I got home and now I'm going to make some "adult brownies". lol Gotta get the oil soaked and simmered to get all the juices out first. This will be a few hours at least.

My fishing buddy forgot about tomorrow so no fishing for me. My gym is closed but there is another one that is open so I'll go to that one instead. Need my fix for all the crap I ate last night. I brought over my gym friends to play pool, darts, and foosball. What kind of food do they bring? Lots and lots of desserts!! Sigh... lol

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