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2018-09-01 10:04:57 (UTC)

Good start of the day

So, all my dart buddies didn't make it to the crossfit class today. However, two of them showed up. One from work and one from my meetup group. This makes it 6 days in a row working out. I love it and I'm getting more fit for it. Also, it helped me tremendously due to my dealing with my girlfriend issue. I admit, I still have some anxiety attacks but, it has been more dulled as of late. I dunno. I'm just pleasantly surprised that I'm getting better. I get to see and experience myself changing for the better. Not doing or longing for being with my girlfriend lately. In fact, I'm starting to maybe feel arrogant but I'm thinking more and more that she is actually freaking lucky to have someone like me.

I'm happier. I'm good especially after today's morning workout. I still got a meetup today in 3 hrs to go rollerskating. I'm excited! Haven't roller-skated in over a year and I was at least 40 lbs heavier before. I want to see if I can fly :) haha. An adult going to a skating session where I'm guessing the average age is probably 16. But I don't care. I just want to see how I skate. I can imagine skating with 40 pound weights then dropping those weights and skating again. :) Oh yeah, another single parent is attending. I don't know her but I'm hosting so I will. :)