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2018-08-31 17:36:16 (UTC)

Hell may have frozen over

Well, I can't believe what is going on. Somehow someway, the ex called. We're talking about the ex wife. You see, when I was trying to get my groove back, the counseling that I'm using says that it should be not just my love life, but my business circle, my business friends, my social friends, and my family too. Well, my family lives in Hawaii so I can't do much about that However, I did reach out to my ex with an olive branch. Stating stuff like no hard feelings and that we should be friends at least. I sent it via email or text. I forget and I didn't think much of it. It was just a thing I had to do for self improvement.

Anyway, low and behold, she called. She never calls. Sort of like the girlfriend now. haha. Anyway, we were civil (which is a miracle as this never happens) and it was nice and we exchanged pleasantries. This make me feel good. I'm doing what is suggested and improving all my circles. I don't know but this shit is working. I'm liking it.

Even at work, I had some tough issues with my boss because I think he's wrong about some things. I do it because when it comes down to it, he is the boss and I follow the rankings. Anyway, I tried to work on that too this month and low and behold, that too got better. We were getting along more and it was pretty good. So then what happened? He says he's going on a week vacation and that I will be in charge of our group of Engineers. WTF?! I was just trying to get along!! Not freaking take over the joint.!! hahaha. But it's all good. He had done it because he believe in me so yeah!!! I'm happy there too.

Even my girlfriend. We haven't spoken on the phone so I tease her about it a little. Making light of the situation. We exchanged texts so I guess that''s ok. I did tell her to not be so serious. Life is too short. Let's just have some fun while we're alive. I told her that it won't matter what she says this coming Monday. Worse case scenario, we'll be friends. And I can live with that. It's ok. I have friends that I love dearly and I'd do anything for them. So for her to say friends, that is still an honor that she would be lucky to have. Best case is that we work it out with a better foundation. So with that, why be so upset? It will be all good no matter what. I'm at peace with that too.

Now that I made my list and it's in writing (Google doc anyway), I can see what I'm worth and have no shame it what I am. Sure, I could've been less needy but that is in check now that I understand it but she wasn't walking on water too. She can be cold and make her other half feel unwanted. I'm ok with it either way. Finally found some peace with this. :) :) :)

Tonight, I'm bringing my gym friends over to my house to play darts. I told my dart friends that they can't come to this one as I'm expanding my horizon. They are more than cool with that and they are happy with it.

Tomorrow, I am bringing my work and dart buddies over to the gym. haha. We will go through one crossfit class together. Again, expanding my horizon. Life is interesting. Maybe I could be in a better place but I'm not in a bad spot right now really.