Steve-o's Online Diary
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2001-10-10 23:29:24 (UTC)

W 10/10/01 "The Day I Broke Myself... AGAIN!"

Last night I was supposed to meet up with Ryan and Robbie
around 10 at BR so we could kidnap Juan for a secret
birthday party. It would have been radical... but Ryan and
Robbie never showed up. So I smoked some weed and played
Pokemon. Then at about 1 I walked over to the gas station
and asked some dude if he could drive me home, and he did!
Then I watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and then I
played some video games. And THEN I went to school. I
don't like school. Everything was OK, but then at lunch, I
went to the bathroom to snort some H, and when I came back,
Jimmy said he saw a kitten stuck in the gated circle around
the silver Lancer statue. So I hopped over to find it, but
I couldn't. So I tried to hop back over, and my shoelace
got caught in one of the metal spikes and I landed on the
side of my head and my sore arm. It was insane! It blew
my mind! All of the adrenaline in my body rushed to my
head and mixed with the H and I started to blitz. I went
to my next class, and my arm was bleeding and there was
blood in my hair so my teacher sent me to the nurse. I
washed up and put a band-aid on my arm and some ice on my
head, and then I went back to class. And thats when I
started to feel dizzy. I stumbled into class and my
teacher told me to go see the Vice Principal in case I
needed an ambulance. So I went to Mr. Manzer's office, and
he wasn't there, and then I went to Mrs. Wong's office, but
she wasn't there. So I waited on one of the benches. But
then I started to feel dizzy again so I decided to walk
around for a little while. Then I blacked out. When I
came to, Kathleen was asking me why my shirt was all wet
(the ice had melted all over me). Then Jimbo came buy and
I hugged him. Then the bell rang and I found Ryan. Then I
spaced out again, and Ryan wasn't there. Then I was with
Jessi trying to walk to Ryan's car, and then I turned my
head to look at her and she wasn't there. I walked through
the lockerhall and I felt dizzy so I sat down. Then I
blacked out. This time when I came back, Steffi was
carrying me through the parkinglot. Then Neil drove by.
And then Ryan came by and drove me home. Then I drank a
soda. Then I blacked out. When I woke up I was still
alive, and I don't feel as dizzy anymore. What A ReLiEf!