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2018-08-29 04:27:26 (UTC)

Woke up with a better attitude

So, I'm not sure why I'm feeling like this today but I woke up feeling better. Not sure if texting with the ex sent me into some sort of reality but I seem to have a better realization of myself. I've set goals for myself and am happy for me. The ex isn't stressing me out so much today. I'm starting to feel much better. So it almost seems like ex or no ex, I feel a great future ahead of me.

I'm starting to feel power starting to trickle in inside of me. I'm finally getting a more positive and happier attitude. I have a full weekend planned this coming week. I have a dart practice set up with my dart buddies tonight. On Friday, I have 6-12 peeps from the gym coming over to my place and we will be having a pot luck. I'll have a fire pit in the back, darts in the family room, a pool table in the living room and a foosball table in the bedroom. Should be fun. On Sat morning, I have some non gym guys/gals coming to my gym to attend the one hour class. That ought to be fun. They'll hate me a day or two later when the muscle pain trickles in. lol Saturday afternoon, I scheduled a meetup to go rollerskating. I lost so much weight, I'm curious as to how I'll do rollerskating now. Sunday morning (at 5 effing A.M.), I'll be fishing with my buddy on his boat. Going for salmon this time. Then on Monday, we are still on holiday and that'll be my date night with my girlfriend. Whatever happens, I know I can keep a positive attitude. If she wants to make it sad and shitty, well, that's on her. I'm going to keep my attitude positive and have a fun dinner regardless of what she says. Sorry, can't keep me down :)

I love how some days, you are just enlightened with positive energy. Today, I woke up feeling great! I think my self healing, building, or maybe I set something up accidentally in a perfect fung-shuei (that how it's spelled?) setting. I"m doing great at my job, I have great friends, even my ex wife is texting me calling me handsome and says she misses me. I'm down to the lowest weight I've been in over 20 years maybe. I dunno, I don't really recall how heavy I was 20 years ago. I am now at 151.2!!!! I should be a 160 ideally. I was 198 at my heaviest a little over a year ago.

This hot lady from my meetup group trickled back into facebook and she asked me to friend her a week or two ago. So.... can't help but think if I don't make it with my girlfriend, I can at least think about maybe one day dating Dalia. Dalia is hot. I don't think I can get her but if I'm ever in a position to ask, and if my attitude is positive and attractive enough, one will never know. So until that day comes, we shall sweep this under the carpet for now. This is kind of an asshole thing to think and I won't lie, I do have strong feeling for my girlfriend but life is not and should not be going around dependent on another person.

Anyway, I'm feeling good this morning. Life feels good. Maybe those youtube videos are finally sinking in into my head? Maybe :)

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