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2018-08-28 12:01:57 (UTC)

Got praised for a pic on fb

So, I return to work today. Boo. But hey, I'm fb friends with some coworkers. We have a few pics of us at the swimming pool. We were wearing shorts of course but my coworker said that I had some abs going on there. He's a dude too so it was a boost in my ego which I sorely need. Not a six pack mind you but there is maybe a 2 pack and some definitions going on. Compared to my two great but fat overweight buddies, I looked even better. haha.

Now I don't want to make my gf jealous or anything but maybe now I'm hoping she sees it and maybe just maybe she will regret possibly breaking up with me or whatever it is we are having again? A reset or do over? I don't effing know anymore. lol

Last Sunday, I got food poisoning during breakfast. I think it was the trout maybe. I was sick as a dog. Didn't do anything with our last night out with the gang in Reno that night. My friends brought soup and sleeping pills back up to my room. They took care of me. I have such awesome friends. We drove home Monday and had our last meal together near our neighborhood for lunch.

I felt weak still but I went to the gym for a crossfit session anyway. I was weak but no excuses. I survived. Still not 100% but I feel better today so I will be there again for the next session after work.

I did text the gf and texted her on Sunday. No reply. Boo. So much for "Treating each other as adults with respect" per girlfriend.

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