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2018-08-27 07:03:32 (UTC)

Been A While: Update

I just decided to come back today... Where I left off in April is where I begin once again...
So last semester came to an end, there so many hurdles that to acknowledge and realize that need to think clearer so had failed two classes and only pass one that was English even then I was still lucky because messed up on my final on the second part she knew that I was work extremely hard so got an "B". It had messed with that my overall gpa at that time it was a 2.55. I had went with my mom to pickup my brother from airport it was fun hanging out with him once again. Also had take care my mom's man that got scary accident that happened of that month. I also enjoying my summer break before I had to take my summer course.
June/ July
I had been enjoying every part of my summer, I had hang with my man and sometimes it wasn't that much. In those two weeks it was rush of emotions that couldn't really bare. It took me while to get back in the swing of history because of defeated but had worked incredible hard thou. Id went to movies quite often in the two months alone, first with my bf to see Deadpool 2 that was so funny it was most memorable. As for next one was a family day movie The incredibles 2, everybody enjoyed that you've be a 90s how good this movie or even a 2000s baby still too young acknowledge that. Next one with my brother it Ant- Man and The Wasp, that was very good only had messed the first movie Ant-Man it was alright my brother told what was happening before gone to see part of the movie. The first two weeks in the summer course was a bit challenge didn't really grasp it took quite a lot of motivation. So over the time I had spoke to Alisha and N'Dea, Mai that last for bout two months time. In July it was VERY strained this has been difficult to talk about so... back in June my mom's man still recovering from his accident, we only met them once and within time, then they had came once again to hangout with my mom and him at that time , I had decide to go upstairs there wasn't real reason stay downstairs you know? So in that my bf had left because he take care of some stuff and he will be back soon. On 7/4. it was really awkward because I couldn't stay home , didn't see why id go not just chill. I was in my summer course and it was my midterm anywho, we made it there to [ her] man's friends place it was strange because there were three times older than me and one just graduated from high school so I had given tips about college she going soon so thought she would like to know. Me and him talked but were already fought a few days before it was tough my mental state and it was clear, he had fun time with his neighbors and asked to go bible study there, I thought it was good for him. As for me, I was bored and Super awkward for me because i didn't know what to say older people, I had kept in simple. My brother got t o stay home because he just came from work that day. It was nice seeing fireworks at their place. in two weeks he came back home however it was clear we had fun moments but it was right before that week of my mom's wedding that's when hurricane started to beginning. My cousin and her friend came over that Friday along with my sis later that night and my older brother. It was mid of the week we go on usually walks with Milli and he made me laugh so hard it was good night with my babe. It suddenly came fast without damn warning of caution. In that time feeling completely vulnerable that did something fully unheard of me...I promise wouldn't go through that once again . 7/21, my mom's wedding was beautiful and a lot good moments of laugh, id introduced my babe to everybody that known me since just a lil girl. so my cousins and aunts and old friends. Id drank booze that night it was a lot stress on me that's why did it, I was at the end of my summer course too, I had bout an week left. That last week of had hanged with him and his sister and nephews had gone walking with them, they were nice . After last week of my course just begin the waiting progress and gotten an "A". About me and my babe this where we lost everything, we had gone out during that week and it wasn't good idea be with him that night, I want him to be mine just an hour or so, it didn't go as planned so that night it got worse , my mom was getting ready for their honeymoon. It shattered my heart had weighed out more because were suppose to hang out of that weekend, it got worse once id got an his car. I was silent and it was clear he knew how can get when am like this. It took so much out of me, but lie to him. We had talked how much work we gotta do in order to make to our anniversary and making plans for December with my sis that he suggested, I thought it was nice and mess around a bit. He also took me to Mac store to find my iPhone that i want and he would get for my gradation gift for a cheaper cost and unlock too. Id finally spoken to his mother however she was still on the fence about me being their son. It was just another lie in my eyes.
When he left the day after, I couldn't wait here from him once again, then with in two weeks before I had get ready to go back my gpa was back up to an 2.6. BUT that's when the storm really hit us both, it was a Friday night are usually texts but quickly it came crashing down , he pull away fast and didn't like it , so about two weeks ago id called him after my brother left to school. It was so much to bare on my soul, we are slowly coming back BUT, had told him the truth how feel about him, it sucks were at this point of our relationship. So id asked several close friends and family how I felt, I was falling in & out. That's when id gone to church, but I had felt completely uncomfortable it was all black church, that's what I am but never felt comfortable its clear. So far the semester going be alright so much familiar faces that id missed. When had gone back to the college that Friday afternoon met girl name Venus and we clicked easily she's an Virgo. My girl Alisha had a healthy baby boy and am happy that everything went will with her about 2/1 weeks ago. After being back on campus over this weekend, my sis had picked me up from my house and was welcomed back with love by her furr babies that had seen her brother [my cousin] always her as my sis anyway... I had enjoy myself, but my sis mention her brother friend and I saw few pics and had asked her bout him and when he came that Saturday afternoon with her brother and he was my type some ways . I was scared to talk him and still don't how speak to guys right... I hope to see him soon when I go back over to sis place again so much fun. Well had told my babe bout a bit when id later came back home that night and bit more last night. So we talked more tomorrow, see that goes with my babe.
Well that's all have to say about this entry see you guys soon, much love...