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UnDiscovered Girl
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2018-08-27 12:50:19 (UTC)


Dear journal,

I've been lacking on my reading a lot lately. And don't give me wrong I love to read it's just a bad habit of not finishing a book that I've already started. I mean it's unhealthy NOT to read.

I've been reading this one book that I've had over a year called " Everything Everything" and still haven't finished it because as you may know I'm a very slow reader. I like to take my time to read and theirs nothing wrong with that and as most would say it comprehend and that I have had a bad job at doing when it comes to reading books.

I have basically a library full of books on my shelf in my room and a shelf with nothing but handwritten journals. And as you may know most of the entries here are from those handwritten journals... Well all of them. It takes hard work to type out so many entries like that. And that I did and I don't mind since I love to write.

Anyways I have a math class this afternoon. Same time. Nothing usual. Still tired. Can't seem to go back to sleep. I need to at least try. Write more later if, I feel like it.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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