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2018-08-26 04:46:22 (UTC)

list sent

Well, I sent my "What I can provide on the table" list to my girlfriend. So, she'll have something to chew on before our date. It's all positive stuff about me. It helped me build my confidence back and it may show her what she may be taking for granted and may be missing out on if she and I were to break up. I'll list some but won't go through it al.

I make 108K a year.
I have no baggage
I have a lot of friends so I'm not a loner.
I have multiple hobbies and non of them are about playing games on a playstation/xbox.
I live only about 20 min apart which is very convenient.
I get along with her kiddos.
I like to travel (she does too)
I like to cook (she does too)
I keep myself in shape 4-5 times a week doing crossfit.
I communicate well with peeps.
I like going out and discovering new things, places, restaurants.
I like going to vineyards and wine tasting.
I am funny.
I am faithful
I/we are great at making love. Always leaving her satisfied. Always :)

There's more but that's enough for you diary :)