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2018-08-26 04:02:41 (UTC)

What I can put on the table

So, the vids on youtube said there comes a time in your relationship after a timeout, I'm supposed to put what I can put on the table in writing. You know, my positives that I do that is likable. So I did and I'm guessing I'm ready to share it with my girlfriend. Didn't know when to give it to her but I'm guessing I should give it to her before our date this labor day weekend so she can at least contemplate and say "hmmmmmm". lol

I was going to post in online but I decided not to as it contains names of people so I won't. I could append it and then post it but it's too much of a pain to do so. Anyway diary, not sure what I'm going to get if I even get a response but I'm supposed to send it to her so that's what I'll do.

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