Do Not Disturb

2018-08-24 18:27:33 (UTC)

A Not So Very Good Day

Dear journal,

Nobody listens to me.

I let people get to me.

I'm to sensitive.

You're to clingy and that I've been told by boys.

You only care about yourself ( which is not true) and that I've also been told by my own mother.

I've been bullied. She told me to go kill myself and I've actually thought about it several several times.

I've cutt myself before because I'm always constantly being bullied.

This is a cruel world that we live in.

I be asking my brother one simple question and he gets mad like he doesn't wanna be bothered... Like .. What did I ever do to you???

My mom got mad at me because I let 124 dollars go to waste that I've earned for myself and at the casino. I'm no gambler unlike my Grandma and yet I was stupid enough to let the rest of it go to waste and by waste I mean the rest of the 40 into the machine.

I let my Grandma take advantage of me and my money but that will be no more. I always let people get to me and especially my brother. He's been nothing but a bully towards me... Towards everyone.

I feel fat. I only have a little stomach but people think I'm pregnant when I'm not so their basically calling me fat... Right???

I'm stressed out.

My period still haven't came on.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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