deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2018-08-24 18:33:06 (UTC)


i am SOOOOOOO sorry!

i had a problem with my laptop screen that had to be fixed and i couldn't get online last weekend. i didn't even want to use the other one to log into the diary and leave any trail. But i am back!

i don't know if i can make it this weekend -- we have things scheduled both weekend afternoons and he will be around.......soooo........i will promise to try either day. Don't stay more than 20-30 mins!

We are away beginning next weekend for a week. i will have my laptop with me because of class and will do my very best.

Our patience has been stretched the last few months but we WILL prevail....xoxo

Love You......

Its Tuesday and just checking for a message from You...... :(

Will do my best to see if i can get online some evening this week. If You see this check in!