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2018-08-24 06:17:53 (UTC)

Great day at Reno

We had a lot of fun yesterday. Full of shit I can't quite recall all of it at the moment. Only now is last night trickling in. hahaha. I still got to work out at the crossfit gym. The gym I go to has one here in Reno too. I won the myzone challenge (like a fitbit thing). Made some new friends there. and friended them on fb. She is cute too. Just saying :)

My friends and did the tourist thing earlier that day checking out different hotels. We are never too old for Circus Circus playing carnival games. I kept winning the camel ball rolling game. It was a blast. Laughing while we were playing and I of course had to win and I won most of them as expected.

Later that night, we watched a show at the El Dorado hotel. Forgot the name of it It was good though. Not dirty but semi acrobatic, skill, and sexy. I think it was Circus something something. Heck I forgot but I'll go again for sure. Dinner after the show at the Roxy was even better. I don't recall having a steak taste soooo dang good. I had it medium and it was still so moist and juicy. The wine I ordered matched perfectly and my friends aren't wine drinkers but they too loved it. I got lucky picking the right one out of the 60 different bottles that they had.

You know you had a good time when you don't even remember the Uber ride back to our hotel. Now I'm just kicking back downstairs again sipping my Starbucks surfing the net posting my posts here. Today should be fun. I don't play darts tonight but on of my teammates are. It should be good.

As far as girlfriend? Too much shit going on but I haven't forgotten her. She too is on vacation. Hope she's having fun with her family and relatives.

OH yeah, the ex is texting me. Yes, the very ex from my previous posts. My ex wife. She texts me calling me handsome and says she misses me. Well, I'm not going there. Sucks to be her. I try to be nice and polite but fuck that, not going there ever ever again. What a toxic relationship that was and I suffered for years because of her narcissist ways. Even now, with this girlfriend issue I"m having, I'm still in a way better place than how I was before.

I can hold my head up and say life is still good. Maybe it's not ideal right now but I feel good things are coming for me. No, correction. I will make good things happen for me soon. :)

Gotta go diary. More partying to be had.

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