Do Not Disturb

2018-08-23 07:05:35 (UTC)

I'm Not Crazy

Dear journal,

He of all people called me crazy. Danny. I'm slowly growing less and less of liking him. He kept asking for pictures when I specifically told him no I don't like taking pictures.

I only like pictures only and if, I'm feeling good about myself. And plus I have very low self esteem. I have a boyfriend that I love and he loves me.

Danny told me that he " loves me" yesterday but I didn't respond to it. Because I love my boyfriend. And I'm not going to cheat on him. He's been to good to me. And he loves me as well. I'm not gonna screw yet another relationship. I mean yea he's very sexual when he's around me but hell who isn't.

Am I right???

All I know is that I really love him. I have a 5:30 PM English class today and after that is conputers.


Still haven't started on my projects. Gonna end up doing that and at the last minute. Oh well, it'll be worth it. My English book is finally on its way. Took forever and my math book well I have to wait until next month since its out of stock.



And this is only just the beginning.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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