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2018-08-23 06:44:17 (UTC)

Nice day in Reno

I'm in Reno Nevada at the Nugget Hotel. Playing tourist till our dart tournament this weekend. So my friends are all still passed out. I'm awake and decided to hit the Starbucks downstairs. Relaxing having some foo foo drink surfing the net. I'm liking this. So relaxing right now. I forgot that sometimes, it's good to get out and change scenery sometimes. It helps get my mind off of the girlfriend thing. Again, we are done with the timeout but are so busy, we won't see each other till labor day weekend. What to expect from her new found enlightenment? I haven't a clue. I think it may be "I am woman, hear me roar" kinda speech. She does seem so less in touch. But again, those youtube vid counselors are saying that I shouldn't think so much and don't let me spin my wheels so much that my ego will think the worse. I see it but it's not as easy to do. Baby steps for now.

Anyway, last night we checked out the ballroom for the dart tourney and it's freaking huge! Gonna be some fun to be had. We had a dinner buffet last night and we felt so full afterwords. Overkill on the eating for sure. We were hurting after that! haha. My peeps gambled. I just stayed in the room reading a book which I liked. This is another thing I'm doing by the way. One of my improvements is to read a book a month. That's my goal anyway. I'm on my way too. I should be done with this book by the end of this month. I'm liking it. A little more of the new me :)