Do Not Disturb

2018-08-18 16:23:07 (UTC)


Dear journal,

People don't realize how nice of a girl I really am but then again I let them take me for granted. ME! I mean yes I've made mistakes in the past but we forget and we learn.

But when it comes to the guys thinking they " love" me and " like" me when they have a whole nother bi*tch texting them. I mean my boyfriend says that he " loves me". But.... Is he the one for me???

And here I am in another relationship because I thought he likes me. He says he " loves me" and wants me to " trust" him but I'm not to big on the whole trust thing because of what has happened in the past with my previous ex's and yet I'm most to blame. He told me that he's not like them. I guess we'll see. But honestly, I'm not sure if, I can even trust myself.

Should I give him a shot???

I told him if, he cheat on me and/ or is talking to any other girl that we're, done because I'm tired of guys playing with my heart.

Is that to much???

Yesterday was our first official date. I meant to write about it but I just didn't. After the movies we both ended up getting something to eat and his Grandmother took me home. I told her thank you. And I ate my food and went to bed. That was just about it. I had Krystal's. I put what I had for dinner in my food journal from my phone and it went over the calorie that I wanted. I guess I'm gonna have to start esting lighter foods.

He said he would call last night when he woke back up but he didn't because he was tired also so I didn't worry about that. I ended up falling asleep around one anyways.

P.S. Can't go back to sleep.... Ughhhhh!!!! Morning.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One