Do Not Disturb

2018-08-17 19:57:01 (UTC)

First Day

Dear journal,

My first day went smoothly. All I know is that its way different than, high school. In high school, they insist us on having passes when going to the bathroom where else, college you can just go and without asking so that's the good part about it.

The teacher is pretty chill. We didn't do much except to go over what we will be doing in that class. I have development reading so you get the idea. I'm taking all General Courses or regular classes (whichever ) and transfer over to AUM to take up journalism. Because writing is something I'm good at and that I wanna do something with it.

We got out earlier than, the class was suppose to end ( which is a good thing) and got out at 10:07 AM instead. Thank Goodness. Going to the movies tonight. But yea smooth day. I wish it was like this everyday bur sadly it's not.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One