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2018-08-15 19:10:28 (UTC)

Another day

So, work was pretty fun today. Learned to operate this new firewall a little better. Somewhat a non anxiety day. Trying to improve myself. My friend is having issues with her boyfriend. I feel so selfish dwelling in my own sorrows that I didn't spend time helping my friends. So? What did I do? I helped my friend. Texted her showing empathy. Willing to help her any way I can.

Then, my girlfriend posted on facebook that asking if anyone working for the State could donate some vacation hrs to her old friend. Old friend's father passed away so I gave 4 hrs of my vacation to her friend and my girlfriend thanked me of fb. I actually got a response. Anyway, that was it. I didn't take it any further. It wasn't all about her. It was about her friend.

The youtube vids I was watching says I should change to improve. They said I should be of service. Either volunteering, visiting seniors, community river clean ups, etc, etc. Anything you can to be of service or giving. You know what? I did and it feels good to do so. I feel better by giving. More self improvement I guess and I like it. I'm liking me more and more now :)

I just hope all this anxiety that still pops up from time-to-time goes away soon. At least a little less every day. No matter if gf comes back or not. I just want my peace. I think I'm doing way better than compared to the old days of my ex wife. Those were really dark times. Glad that's over. Well, not over cuz she still texts me once in awhile but it's no longer drama filled. I don't give a crap what she says or does anymore. It doesn't work for me anymore.