Darc Tangent

2018-08-15 09:32:41 (UTC)

Discipline (610 wds.)

As the clock struck nine, the night class exited through the door. As the last student left, Sue closed the door as Peter started to gather his books.
“Mr. Jones.” She said as Peter stood up, and he heard the click of the door lock, “You have been very disruptive in class tonight.”
“I ... I’m … I don’t know, I guess I am sorry?” Peter said as he started to rise.
Suddenly a yard stick was slapping the desk before him.
“Where do you think you are going?” she said, and her voice had an edge that demanded he listen.
“I’m sorry, I just thought that … “, and as he stammered out his apology Peter bit down on his lower lip.
The yardstick snapped down again.
“Something amuses you?” she said, leaning close to him, her hot breath on his ear.
Peter looked at her then looking up to the ceiling rolled his eyes at her.
“Enough!” She commanded as she again slammed the yardstick on his desk. “Now it is time for you to learn respect. Take off your pants!”
Peter blinked. “What?”
“I am going to teach you respect. Now drop them.”
Peter undid his pants and dropped them.
“Very nice.” Sue said as she looked him over, then said, “Turn around.”
Peter did as he was told and she placed her hand on his back and forced Peter to bend over the desk.
“This is what we do to disruptive little boys.” She said then brought the yardstick down on his buttocks.
Peter winced at the sharp pain, but said nothing, then the second slap came, harder, and he squeaked out a stifled cry, but did not object.
“Tough guy?” she said, as she brought the yardstick down harder, and Peter’s body convulsed slightly from the sharp pain. He could feel himself getting aroused by the pain but stayed bent over the desk. Another slap with the yardstick and Peter moaned, more in pleasure than pain, and his ass was beginning to redden from the blows.
“Have you learned your lesson yet?” she said, and again brought the yardstick down on his glowing red buttocks, and Peter bit his bottom lip to contain his cries. One more smack. Just one more sharp searing pain and Peter stood up, and spun to face her, grabbing her hands he pulled her toward him and kissed her, hard. He released her hands and grabbed her face and held her to him as his mouth covered hers. He heard the yardstick drop to the floor. She could feel him pressed against her, and then Peter pulled back from the kiss, and lifting her, placed her on the desk he had just been bent over. He pushed her body back and reached up her skirt and pulled her panties down, then slid her forward and spread her legs and thrust into her. Sue arched backwards, biting her lip as he slid inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and Peter pulled her to a sitting position then lifted her into his arms as she rested on his erection and he continued to thrust into her.
They moved across the floor and he pressed her against the blackboard, holding her buttocks in his hands as he continued to make love to her. Slowly they drifted to the ground and they continued to make love until they were all spent.
“So,” Sue said. Sweating, breathless, her heart pounding in her chest, “Have you learned your lesson?”
Peter lay on the floor next to her, and propped himself on his elbow. He smiled at her, and then slowly started to undo the buttons on her blouse.
“I think I might require a bit more discipline.” And he kissed her again.