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2018-08-13 21:27:24 (UTC)

Today was a good day

So, today was a good day. No stress or anxiety (hardly anyway). I'm a fast learner. Can't get me down for too long. Work was good. Very productive. Gym was good. I stayed 1/2 hr before and after our session so a total of 2 hrs. I was going to the bikes for today's option of 20 calories on a bike or a lap around the building.

Lots of people today so they took al the bikes. I was left to run around the building. I started almost last so I had to pass by a lot of peeps. I did it though. Passed most of the class except for maybe around 2 or 3 peeps. I'll take it.

Tonight's dart practice wasn't bad. I was able to pull in some wins against my friends so it's all good. I'm feeling good about myself again. Maybe there is life after a breakup. :)

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