Do Not Disturb

2017-08-31 22:04:20 (UTC)

Playing Easy To Get

Dear journal,

1:45 PM

I've been reading this book lately called " Playing Easy To Get" and let me tell you it's a hell of a good book. The 3 story into one kind of a book thing. At first I've always denied on reading it. But it's actually something worth reading.

Just ate a big lunch a few minutes ago now I'm stuffed and so my ass went straight back to bed well of coarse with mt dog beside me. I'm the only one at the house. As of now.

Just arrived at my cousin's house. They always have the air on and its so freaking cold. Its my fault for wearing a tank top and shorts.

On the other topic, I was getting in the car on the way here noticing that ants had bit me and be. I put some alcohol on it to get rid of it but its not that bad. Oh Gosh, its so cold.

I've told Kevin that I'm mad at him because he says he " likes" me but he won't try the long distance relay because he lives in Mobile and I live in elsewhere but he would like another girl that doesn't like him back that he's still going after.

I'm just still not going to try anymore. He's still doing it and he doesn't care. I talked to this other guy that goes by the name of Jay W. And he seems pretty "friendly".

Zachary texted me saying how he wants to hang our at my place I told him that I'm not so sure of it because its never going to happen because my mom. I don't even know why since I'm 18. She's the one who said that I could not me.

Kevin stopped talking to me but its whatever so I've moved him from Snapchat just like that. Still need a new pair of glasses because the one that Grams had given me I can see out of them but lets just say they need a bit of adjustment to them towards my eyes.

My dog ran out again but it was when we we're at Shanda.

Jay was saying how he has been bullied and they laughed at him because of the way he looked. I mean what's with people these days bullying people like me just so they can feel good about themselves that's jsut bullshit.

People these days just don't understand and when their gone they would be the one to blame and they should've just felt sorry a long time ago.

I sent my bully ( that was a girl) a long message telling her how I feel knowing what she did hurted me and I blocked her from messenger and as well as Facebook.

I also did the same thing with people that I've " liked" ( guys). Because I'm just tired of being treated like shit just in all.

My dog ran out once again. The pizza man was at the door I opened it and I tried to catch him but it was no use.

Why dogs do this???

My dog does fhis constantly whenever the donor's opened but once he gets back his add is staying on the balcony for the rest of the night as well as the next day.

I mean... Where do they even go???

They just somehow run off and come back a little later than, to be suspected. But at least he knows his way.

Did you know that dogs can sense thunder???

I don't know if, that's true but I had once looked it up. A black had just recently popped up out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me. I just watched ir cross the street. It feels great out here on the porch with the wind blowing and all that jazz.

Note to self: I have no idea what I'm talking about at times ( all the times) but its whatever and just go with it.

I try not to think about my dog running out not knowing where he be going every now and then. The only thing for me to do is pray. Dogs always know their way home. I thought my mom called my name but false alarm came back in the house waiting for my dog Buster to cone back in. Okay this is enough writing for the day.

Write more as soon as possible

Yours Truly

💜 Snookie 💜

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