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2018-08-13 05:46:05 (UTC)

Friend's suggestion

So, I spoke to a close friend of mine. She is the person that usually thinks like me. We finish each other's sentences and we think the same. At least before I was messed up like this. So she says I shouldn't wait. Go and start dating other people and if gf is wanting to come back, then I can decide if I want her back or not. What gets me is that friend and I think the same. I asked why I can't see what she sees. We always think the same.Why can't I see what she sees now? I don't like it at all. I don't like not knowing what my next move is. It pisses me off.

Friend says that I shouldn't give my gf that much power. Don't let her push me around. So, yeah, I'm thinking she is right. GF is pushing me around. She wants to find herself she says. My friend and I are thinking, this would be the best time for she and I to be together for some alone time without her kiddo. This is stupid to me. She wants to find herself? We should be having some fun adult time. What a dumb thing to do. Whatever. I don't want to waste my time and effort on a dead end.

I guess I'm starting to heal and trying to get off my ass. At least today I woke up without any anxiety and panic. Whew. Nothing like waking up and feeling miserable I tell you. Glad that at least today, I woke up feeling normal.

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