Experienced Life
2018-08-12 12:58:21 (UTC)

Just came back from camping

Just got back from camping at Kidds Lake. It was nice. Not too many old friends were there but there were some and I got to meet new ones. It's all good. No fish caught. I did have a few panic attacks I guess from me thinking about my girlfriend but I guess that's to be expected. Especially since the last time we camped she had our stuff squared away. Now with me, I get all my things packed but not as good as my gf and it hurt knowing that she was helping me unload and load the last time we camped. We made for a great camping couple.

Anyway, got home and cleaned out the garage. So good that now I can fit my auto, trailer, and motorcycle. Yay for little victories.

Also, since the ex is doing her thing till the 19th (when her kiddo returns) I did consult my friend and she asked how will this work? If she picks up her child on the 19th, she's going to want to spend time with him and rightly so. So she asked when we were really going to talk? I said I don't know. And if we talk by some miracle on the 19th, is this a no room for discussion scenario? Does the time away from each other get discussed? I don't know. To me, it seems like two adults lacking communication. For two people that like to chat a lot when together, how come we didn't communicate this?

Anyway, much as I didn't want to, I sent girlfriend a little ping. Not doing or saying much. Just asked how she was doing and told her that this timeout has been beneficial to me. So nothing big but just enough to ping her. I only did so because my friend said how about meeting before the 19th so we know what the hell we are doing. That was my one ping. If I hear anything back, then good. If not, well.... I recall my ex wife was the master of no communication so I'm used to it. I just say pfffft, whatever.

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