Letters To Burn
2018-08-12 01:40:20 (UTC)

Number Fifty Seven

Every thought I’ve had this weekend has been about you. I can’t help myself. I’ve been thinking about our entire history. The thing I keep coming back to- the feeling I just can’t shake- is just how much you loved me. It wasn’t just your words. It was every look you ever gave me. And whatever we have now, long after this feeling of it being “new” again fades, I know I will never take that for granted again. I’m not a perfect man, I am far from it. But the way I love you is the best part of me. I’ve never in my life felt like I do when I am with you. I’ve never felt so alive when I’m touching you. I forgot what home was until I looked in your eyes and it all came flooding back. There’s a million ways I can say it, but it comes down to this. I love you and I always will.