Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-08-10 16:45:26 (UTC)

Back on the Grind II

I'm back in work tonight. It feels like I've been away from there for weeks. I don't really have any feelings towards going back. I guess it'll be nice to talk to certain people again but I kinda just want this weekend over and done with. I slept really bad last night. I woke up several times and just feel exhausted. I've had a normal body clock for a good while now so I don't know how I'm expected to last until 6am. I'll probably have to pick up an energy drink or two.

Hopefully it's busy tonight so we're constantly active and doing something. There's nothing worse than when you're waiting around for things to do, so they force you into doing really annoying, unimportant and time consuming fillers. Still, it'll be nice to talk to people there about what's been going on in football, wrestling and things like that. I probably talk with the people I see on weekends more than I do with the people I went to school with. It's strange. I don't really consider myself close with anybody in work right now, either. I've never been one for small talk. If we're gonna talk, lets do it properly. I can't do conversations just for the sake of having them. I suppose sometimes I can be pretty blunt when I see things like that coming. I'm looking forward to seeing one of my managers tonight. I haven't seen him in a month. We get on pretty well and always have good banter. We'll have plenty to talk about in regards to football and things like that.

I just want this weekend to be over. Roll on Tuesday, that's when the World of Warcraft expansion finally comes out. If anybody has actually read the entries up until this point, you won't be surprised. I am a massive nerd. Some good news. My parents have told me that they are going away again from Sunday-Tuesday so I'll have the house to myself again. I really enjoyed it last time when they were gone for a week. I might have another party on Sunday night or something. Maybe a more chilled one though, the last one was brutal. I'll think about it over the next night or two. I need to get ready. I still need to eat and then jump in the shower.


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